25 Gift Ideas for People Who Hate Being Inside


Fall and winter are the perfect seasons for outfitting the adventurous person in your life with warm and helpful outdoor gear. Our guide accounts for all the winter conditions any outdoors-loving person could encounter, from snowdrifts in Maine to crisp California temperatures in the 50s. With some of these cold-weather keepers, your loved one can go out and enjoy the breathtaking snowy scenery and gobble up the uncrowded trails. Some of our picks can even be used year-round.

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    Photograph: REI

    A Warm Jacket

    REI Co-Op 650 Down Jacket 2.0

    Goose down is only getting more expensive every year. Decent outdoor down jackets haven’t been a mere $100 in a long time, which is why REI’s house-brand offering stands out. For the price of a synthetic puffy, REI’s house brand can outfit you in 650-fill goose down, coated in a DWR (durable water repellent) finish to resist heat-sapping moisture. It’s what I wear for casual day hikes when it’s snowing.

  • Photograph: Backcountry 

    Cozy, Warm Feet

    Western Mountaineering Down Booties

    This is my favorite piece of cold-weather climbing and backpacking gear, simply because it’s so overlooked. These goose-down booties are for wearing around camp in the snow while your main hiking boots dry out. They have a water-repellent coating and a grippy sole. A pair weighs just 6 ounces, and they squish down small enough to fit into a pack.

  • Photograph: Solo Stove

    For Backyard S’mores

    Solo Stove Bonfire

    Here’s an ulterior motive for you. Give them a portable bonfire you can enjoy too. This Solo Stove weighs 20 pounds, which is perfect for when they take you car camping or have you over for backyard s’mores. It’s a safer way to burn wood than a traditional bonfire, and because it’s more efficient, it emits less smoke and leaves less ash. We reviewed a similar version recently, if you want to learn more.


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