A guy was spotted on a hoverboard in Los Angeles



A guy was spotted riding a hoverboard down a Los Angeles street. The hoverboard is made by Omni Hoverboards and it’s basically a giant quadcopter drone you can stand on. They released videos of it last year though no official release date or price has been announced.

This man is living in 2030! 🔥 pic.twitter.com/fgXLCEPldS

— Buitengebieden (@BuitengebiedenB) April 24, 2021

It’s pretty surreal seeing somebody casually riding a hoverboard down the street as if they’re not, ya know, riding a godamn hoverboard. I don’t know what the proper reaction would be, but probably something along the lines of looking around while repeatedly exclaiming, “Holy shit I’m on a hoverboard!”

Keep going for Omni Hoverboards’ demo video.


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