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PS5 devkit in action or deep fake? (Image source: Reddit - u/wsb_BernieMadoff)
PS5 devkit in action or deep fake? (Image source: Reddit – u/wsb_BernieMadoff)

A short video clip of the alleged PlayStation 5 boot screen and user interface (UI) has surfaced that appears to involve a devkit rather than a retail model of the PS5. The video shows a black DualSense controller being used to presumably start up the console, and then the boot screen and UI eventually appear on a monitor.

A video claiming to show the PlayStation 5 boot screen and UI has been shared on Reddit, apparently at a price. The OP of the subreddit seemingly paid €100 just to get access to this video, showing what lengths PlayStation fans will go to just for a snippet of new information. In return for their cash, the Redditor was served with a 24-second clip of what appears to be the PS5 booting up.

In the foreground, it can be seen that the user has a black DualSense controller in their hand. While some have immediately jumped to the conclusion that Sony has a black PS5 waiting in the wings, it’s more likely this is simply a prototype controller that was first revealed a couple of months ago and possibly used by devs along with the PS5 devkit. If that is all true, then the video here is simply showing a PS5 devkit booting up and preparing the UI.

The start-up screen, which has been shared in the past, seems to be genuine, and the glimpse at the UI is incredibly brief. However, what has been perturbing some commenters the most is the amount of time it takes the device to boot up. Bearing in mind that if this is not a faked clip, then this is probably a PS5 devkit making an appearance and it’s likely the retail variant will be faster and better optimized. Around 20 seconds to make a cold boot has got some hardcore fans in a tizzy, though, as Microsoft’s Xbox Series X has been clocked at around 10-12 seconds for the same procedure.

Daniel R Deakin, 2020-10- 3 (Update: 2020-10- 3)

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