Ask HN: What are the most fun-to-play-with open source deep learning projects?

Ask HN: What are the most fun-to-play-with open source deep learning projects?
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I have temporary access to a monster PC (32core thread ripper + 2x2080ti).

I’ve been playing with deep fakes which is fun (I look good as Neo fighting Morpheus).

But what other fun + awesome open source projects can I run with it before I have to give it back?

I’m a programmer (making apps, websites, games etc). But don’t have a lot of deep learning experience though want to learn.

Any suggestions?


Finetuning a GPT-2 model on logs from a chatting server like IRC or Discord you’re active in, then writing a bot to generate messages from a prompt using the model.

Great idea thanks! Are there any other Generative models that are (relatively) easy to use? I find generative AI the most interesting.

I recently played around with a lib called Detectio which was super fun and met my needs.

Like you, I have barely any ML experience so it was nice to be able to still finish what I set out to achieve.

I write a simple tutorial and sample code base ->…

Nice writeup!

LOL, that’s not a monster PC for deep learning 🙂 I was going to suggest but with 2080Ti it’s going to be tough. You might be able to do some sampling with the smallest lyrics set, idk.

Guess I need to do some deep learning learning…

Missed opportunity: deep Deep Learning learning…

Can I ask how/where you got access to that PC? Purely curious 🙂

How do you generate deep fakes? I’d like to play around with that.


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