BLEU JOUR Wave: A mini-PC that is based on NUC Compute Elements

The BLEU JOUR Wave retails for €259 and ships globally. (Image source: BLEU JOUR)
The BLEU JOUR Wave retails for €259 and ships globally. (Image source: BLEU JOUR)

BLEU JOUR has introduced the Wave, its latest mini-PC. The compact machine uses Intel NUC Compute Elements, which should make it simple to upgrade.

With the Wave, BLEU JOUR has created a mini-PC that looks fairly ordinary, save for its sweeping curves. Appearances are deceptive though, because BLEU JOUR has based the Wave on Intel NUC Compute Elements, a concept that bundles everything a mini-PC could need in an interchangeable board.

BLEU JOUR sells the Wave in four configurations, ranging from the Intel Gold 5405U to the Core i5-8365U. Theoretically, nothing is stopping you from swapping the built-in NUC Compute Element for a more powerful one though, such as the Core i7-8565U-powered NUC 8 Compute Element CM8i7CB. RAM options are fixed on the configurations that BLEU JOUR sells, but the NUC Compute Elements have SO-DIMM RAM slots.

The BLEU JOUR Wave itself measures 17 x 12 x 6 cm with an antenna attached, while the mini-PC weighs around 1.38 kg. All models support M.2 drives, but only the entry-level Gold 5405U version has built-in eMMC storage. BLEU JOUR includes six USB Type-A ports, an RJ45 and two HDMI 2.0 ports regardless of the configuration, too.

The BLEU JOUR Wave starts at €259 for the Gold 5405U model, including taxes. However, there is a steep increase to €550 for the Core i3-8145U version. Additionally, the Core i5-8265U and Core i5-8365U models cost €644 and €754, respectively. BLEU JOUR ships globally, for reference.

Purchase the NUC 8 PRO Compute Element CM8I3CB i3 on Amazon

Alex Alderson, 2021-04- 1 (Update: 2021-04- 1)

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