Call of Duty League is moving to four-player teams next season


Call of Duty esports centered around four-player teams for many years before the 2018-2019 World League season. Indeed, the move marks a “return to our roots,” CDL Commissioner Johanna Faries suggested in an announcement. “This decision was made in close collaboration with our teams and players, and it was not made lightly.”

The league will reveal more plans for 2021 — including details on maps, formats and the schedule — during the offseason. There’ll also be a shift from Modern Warfare to the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Meanwhile, there’s a bit more CDL action on the way this year. The All Star Weekend takes place from September 12th-13th, which could mark the last time fans will see pros compete in five vs five matches anytime soon. The 2021 CDL year starts the following day.

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