Dark Horse will release new Neil Gaiman comic next week, plus limited editions


In case you missed the initial announcement weeks ago, Dark Horse is back with a reminder: it will be releasing a new comic book series based on Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology next week, giving fans a new experience involving the popular novel. The regular issue comic book will be made available alongside limited-edition versions featuring special cover artwork from artist Bill Sienkiewicz.

The novel Norse Mythology was published in early 2017; it tells the stories of Norse myths in a new way and has enjoyed solid ratings from readers. It was previously announced that Dark Horse Comics would adapt the novel as a comic book series, something that isn’t unusual for a Gaiman work. Now, nearly a year later, the release date is upon us.

Dark Horse still plans to release the digital version of its Norse Mythology #1 issue comic on October 7. Gaiman and P. Craig Russell are writers for the comic series, with Russell also serving as the cover artist for the regular issue comic book. The digital copy will retail for $3.99 and will feature 32 pages.

In the end of September, Dark Horse announced that it will also soon release a limited edition version of the comic book with the special cover artwork from Sienkiewicz. The limited edition runs will, of course, be quite limited, with only 200 copies of the unsigned special cover edition and 100 copies of the limited edition signed by the artist.

Unfortunately, if you missed the news the first time around, the signed limited edition version is already sold out. However, preorders are still live for the remaining copies of the unsigned limited edition comic book, which is priced at a substantial $49.99 USD. The limited-edition Norse Mythology comic book can be found on the Dark Horse site here.


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