Honor MagicBook Pro review: Compact 16.1-inch allrounder with a good battery life


With the MagicBook Pro, Honor delivers an elegant and compact 16.1-inch allrounder that is available with hardware from AMD as well as from Intel/Nvidia. The differences are easy to tell: The AMD model offers more CPU performance and the Intel/Nvidia model, more graphics performance.

Honor creates a well-rounded package with the MagicBook Pro that offers a good price-performance ratio. This goes for the AMD as well as the Intel/Nvidia model.

Thanks to a Core i5-10210U processor and GeForce MX350 graphics core, the equipment configuration in our test unit is well-suited for the office, Internet, and to a limited extent, also gaming. 16 GB of working memory (dual-channel mode, on board, not expandable) and a 512-GB NVMe SSD represent an adequate amount of storage.

In battery operation, the laptop lasts for a long time: the battery used (56 Wh) ensures a runtime of 10 to 11 hours in practice. The laptop is charged using the included USB-C charger. The display (FHD, IPS) is pleasing with stable viewing angles, a matte surface, a very good color reproduction, and decent color space coverage. The brightness and contrast fall within the required range. The illuminated keyboard turns out to be suitable for everyday tasks.

The Intel/Nvidia MagicBook Pro not only offers the same strengths as its AMD counter part, but also the same weaknesses: At high revving speeds, the fans produce a subtle, high-frequency whistle, and the working memory cannot be expanded. The keyboard illumination also could have been brighter, and it lacks a storage card reader.


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