Hoping for a new razer blade or 15 advanced, but Tiger Lake hasn’t reached…

RazerCon will kick off in October 2020. (Source: Razer)
RazerCon will kick off in October 2020. (Source: Razer)

Details on the inaugural digital event RazerCon have been unveiled. This 2020 conference will provide mixed-reality (MR) showcases of new products from the event’s host, as well as partners including NVIDIA, Intel and Western Digital. There will also be appearances by gaming celebrities during the live-streamed show, as well as a virtual concert featuring artists such as Deadmau5.

The maker of the Blade laptop series has announced it has arranged a new kind of press conference in 2020. The inaugural RazerCon will be streamed from the OEM’s official channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and will feature presentations from additional hardware and gaming partners, some of which are to be MR – much like OnePlus’ launch event for the Nord earlier in 2020.

These showcases will involve upcoming products from Western Digital WD_BLACK, ASRock, NVIDIA, Microsoft and Intel, as well as new content from Capcom, Perfect World Entertainment and Paradox Interactive. Razer has also specifically mentioned an exclusive previews of Romero Games’ Empire of Sin and Mutant Year Zero (a movie adaptation).

On top of that, the show’s host intends to make it distinctly Razer by syncing some aspects of its content with its Chroma RGB software. For example, it will include a concert (to feature Deadmau5 and Maustrap artists, as well as the band Sabaton and Herman Li from DragonForce and with audio tuned by THX), during which virtual attendees with first-party gear or PCs can watch their keyboards or accents “dance” along to the music.

RazerCon 2020 is scheduled for October 10, starting with a digital keynote streamed from Singapore by the OEM’s CEO Min-Liang Tian from 9:00 PST (18:00 CET). Those interested in attending on their devices can do so by visiting the event’s new webpage.

Deirdre O’Donnell, 2020-09-28 (Update: 2020-09-28)

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