How to get Siri to automatically read your incoming messages aloud


Ever since the release of iOS 13 (actually, iOS 13.2), Siri has been able to automatically read your incoming text messages and iMessages aloud from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The feature requires that you are wearing AirPods (2nd Generation), AirPods Pro, Powerbeats Pro, or Beats Solo Pro headphones. When a new message arrives, Siri will play a tone, then read aloud the sender’s name and the new message. If a long message is received, Siri will simply announce the sender’s name and that a message has been received.

Update your device

Ensuring iOS is up to date
Ensure that you are running iOS 13.2 or later on your device

Before proceeding, you will need to ensure that your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is updated to iOS 13.2 or later. To check what version of iOS your device is running, begin by opening the Settings app, select the General option, and then select About. The software version on your device should be no lower than 13.2. If you need to update your device, follow the provided steps before proceeding.

Please note that to upgrade your device to iOS 13 (or to the more recent iOS 14), it must be either an iPhone 6S, iPad Air 2, iPod Touch 7th Generation, or a newer model. For iPad devices, iOS 13 or 14 may also be referred to as iPadOS; however, it will contain the same “13” or “14” version number.

To update your supported device, begin by opening the Settings app, next select the General option, then choose Software Update. If a new update is available for your device, it will notify you and prompt you to download and install it. Otherwise, if your device is already up to date, it will state such and note your current version of iOS.

Automatically read incoming messages with Siri

Enable Announce Messages with Siri
Enable Announce Messages with Siri to have your incoming messages read aloud

To have Siri automatically read your incoming messages, begin by opening the Settings app on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. If you’re running iOS 14 (or later), go next to Notifications, or go to Siri & Search if you’re running iOS 13.

Either way, tap Announce Messages with Siri next. Ensure that the Announce Messages with Siri option is enabled; when enabled, the toggle button will be colored green. From now on, Siri will automatically read incoming messages to your AirPods or supported Beats headphones.

Once Siri announces and reads an incoming message, it will then wait for your reply. There is no need to say “Hey Siri” to get its attention. Once Siri is finished speaking, simply say, “Reply,” followed by your message. Siri will, by default, confirm your reply before sending it.

Customize Siri announced messages

Select Message Announcements
Select from whom Siri will read your new messages

If you find that Siri is interrupting you too frequently with message announcements, you can opt to select what messages Siri will announce. While in the Announce Messages with Siri screen, select the Messages option under the Announce Messages From section. From here, you can choose whether Siri will announce all incoming messages (Everyone) or only messages from select individuals such as your Favorites, Recents, or those in your contact book (Contacts).

Another option you may wish to enable is having Siri automatically send your voice dictated replies without confirming and reading them back first. To take advantage of this option, enable the Reply without Confirmation toggle switch on the Announce Messages with Siri page.

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