Huawei Mate X2 edges closer to release with certification of its 66 W fast-charging system

A render of the what the Huawei Mate X2 is expected to look like. (Image: TechConfigurations)
A render of the what the Huawei Mate X2 is expected to look like. (Image: TechConfigurations)

Huawei might be doing it tough with a shortage of components due to US sanctions, but it is still pushing ahead with the last of its major 2020 releases. Fresh certification for the Mate X2 66 W charging system in China suggests that it continues to be on track for release.

Huawei’s next foldable smartphone, expected to be called the Mate X2, is edging closer to release. In the latest details to emerge out of China, the device has been spotted getting certified for the new 3C fast-charging standard (CCC or China Compulsory Certification). The documentation shows that the Mate X2 will sport a 66 W fast-charging capability, which is 20 percent faster than either the Mate X or Mate Xs.

From a design approach, the rumor mill suggests the Mate X2 will differ fundamentally from the previous Mate X/s models. Instead of folding outwards, the Mate X2 will fold inwards like the Samsung Galaxy Fold series. Samsung adopted this approach as it felt it gave better protection to the more vulnerable foldable display panel. Also like the Samsung Galaxy Fold series, the new Huawei Mate X2 will have a secondary display on the outside of the device that will be usable when the device is closed.

While we can also expect that Mate X2 to be powered by the Kirin 9000 found in the recently unveiled Mate 40 series, there have been a couple of other details uncovered during the certification process for the device. During Wi-Fi Alliance testing for the Mate X2, it was revealed that the device will support the new Wi-Fi 6 standard — the documentation also revealed it will run EMUI 11. With the launch window tightening for 2020, it seems reasonable to expect an official unveiling before the end of the month.

(Image: via 91Mobiles)
(Image: via 91Mobiles)

Sanjiv Sathiah, 2020-11-10 (Update: 2020-11-10)

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