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Box for the i9-11900K and new Intel Core logo on chip. (Image source: VideoCardz/PCGamesN - edited)
Box for the i9-11900K and new Intel Core logo on chip. (Image source: VideoCardz/PCGamesN – edited)

Pictures of the packaging for the upcoming Intel Core i9 members of the Rocket Lake-S series have leaked online. While some of the top-end parts get typically blue boxes in Intel’s updated livery, the speedy i9-11900K gets unusual packaging that has led some to comment that AMD and Ryzen 5000 has already crushed it.

VideoCardz has published pictures of four boxes pertaining to the Rocket Lake-S family of processors that Intel will be unleashing onto the world possibly around March 15. The packaging is for the top-end Core i9 processors: i9-11900K, i9-11900KF, i9-11900, and i9-11900F. The boxes for the latter three have been mostly met with praise so far, while the box for the Intel Core i9-11900K has been splitting opinions.

As can be seen in the images below, the boxes for the i9-11900KF (unlocked; no iGPU), i9-11900, and i9-11900F (no active iGPU) are unsurprisingly blue and feature Intel’s updated logo. The packaging is simple and effective and would easily stand out on computer hardware retailer shelves. The words “11th Gen” can also be seen and a sticker with the SKU name will be added to each box to help distinguish between them. The reminder “discrete graphics required” is also visible on the packaging for the F-variants.

However, Intel decided to give the i9-11900K a box that really makes it stand out. As essentially the quickest chip out of the bunch, it seems appropriate that the packaging looks a bit like it got bounced around a lot during a speedy delivery. Some have joked that AMD and Ryzen have already been beating it, although others have taken a shine to the unique design, which should at least help prevent it from being easily shoplifted.  

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Daniel R Deakin, 2021-02-20 (Update: 2021-02-20)

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