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The new Mi TV Master Ultra Edition features a narrow bezel design. (Image source: Xiaomi)
The new Mi TV Master Ultra Edition features a narrow bezel design. (Image source: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi has a special launch coming up in a few days, with the unveiling of the 82-inch Mi TV Master Ultra Edition 8K mini-LED TV with 5G connectivity. It’s claimed this will be the world’s first mass-produced 5G/8K mini-LED TV, and it is very likely the price will reflect the innovative technology utilized.

For those who want a huge smart TV that is capable of streaming 8K content, and therefore requiring 5G connectivity, Xiaomi has you covered. If you live in China anyway. The company is preparing to unveil the 82-inch Mi TV Master Ultra Edition television on September 28 and has been teasing the new product on Chinese social media.

Xiaomi’s Mi TV Master Series, which is also known as the Mi TV LUX series in international markets, has already earned a reputation for innovation thanks to the inclusion of a transparent television in the range. Now Xiaomi has one-upped itself by revealing a future-proof smart TV that combines what appear to be the latest and greatest technologies suitable for a cutting-edge television.

Therefore, the use of mini-LED technology for the panel (apparently supplied by LG) is a practical pre-requisite, as these display types offer the advantages of OLED screens, such as deep blacks and improved contrast, but without the disadvantages, like burn-in issues. The presence of a 5G-capable modem means owners of the 82-inch Xiaomi Mi TV Master Ultra Edition can enjoy 8K content (when 8K content is available) without too many hitches or hiccups.

It’s possible there will also be a 4K variant of the premium television made available too, and although prices for the upcoming Master/Lux Ultra Edition sets haven’t been revealed yet, noted tipster Digital Chat Station reckons the price tag will consist of “five digits” (10,000 yuan = US$1,466, but the price will be much higher than that). A few first glimpses of the 5G/8K smart TV can be seen in the promo images below.

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Daniel R Deakin, 2020-09-25 (Update: 2020-09-26)

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