Intel Core i5-11400 Geekbench listings suggest that it is 30 percent faster than its predecessor in single-core tasks


Yet another Intel Rocket Lake-S CPU just made an appearance on Geekbench. This time around, it is the entry-level Intel Core i5-11400. Its performance is more or less on par with its cousin, the Core-i5-11600K, which showed up on the benchmarking software some time ago. However, Geekbench isn’t one of the best when it comes to assessing the complete power of a CPU, so we should take these results with a grain of salt. The Intel Core i5-11400’s real-world performance will be clearer once it launches in March 2021.

The information comes from @Benchleaks on Twitter, who spotted two instances of the Intel Core i5-11400 on Geekbench. The CPU was running at a base and boost clocks of 2.59GHz and 4.39GHz, respectively. In the first run, the Intel Core i5-11400 managed to net a single-core score of 1,490 and a multi-core score of 6,576. The next run posted single and multi-core scores of 1,500 and 6,664, respectively. These numbers could have been a tad better under ideal conditions. The test bench ran 16GB of RAM clocked at 2,133MHz on an ASRock Z590M motherboard.

While an identically-specced AMD processor can easily outperform the Intel Core i5-11400, we’ll be looking at how it fares against its predecessor, the Intel Core i5-10400. On average, the Intel Core i5 10400’s single-core score on Geekbench hovered around 1,150. Similarly, its multi-core score is around 6,000. The Intel Core i5-11400’s ~30% increase in single-core performance is a testament to the new Cypress Cove cores that will debut alongside Rocket Lake-S processors. Given that the Intel Core i5-11400 is still a 6-core, 12-thread CPU, we can’t expect a whole lot of improvement in the multi-core performance front.

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