Lunatic free solos the second tallest building in Paris



This is a video of a Polish lunatic known as BNT (or the Silesian Spiderman) climbing the second tallest skyscraper in Paris: the 689 ft (210 m) Tour Montparnasse. The video is a lot of first person GoPro footage mixed with drone footage and all of it got my hands appropriately sweaty. It’s 35 minutes long and I watched it from beginning to end, occasionally pausing to make sure I was mentally prepared to watch somebody die (spoiler: he doesn’t).

Also, if climbing without any safety equipment wasn’t bad enough, at 21:00 an emergency worker abseils down to try and attach a safety harness to BNT which he patiently and politely refuses. The “rescuer” basically shadows BNT for the rest of the climb, which I can only imagine made things way worse. It’s nightmarish enough trying to climb a skyscraper without a rope let alone having some dude right next to you constantly bugging you to stop being so insane. It felt like a nightmare scenario for BNT, and I wished the guy on the rope would’ve realized how much more dangerous he was making the situation and just backed off. It’d be like trying to race a rally car while your co-driver keeps asking if you have your seatbelt on.

Keep going for the full video, as well as one of BNT climbing the 558 ft (170 m) Marriott Hotel in Warsaw. Enjoy them while you can, because this guy is 100% going to die soon.

And climbing the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw:


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