No one cares about LG anymore. Ok, maybe except a handful of hardcore LG…


The LG V70 ThinQ has surfaced online again, this time on Geekbench. Earlier this month, the device appeared on AI Benchmark, where it remains listed. To clarify, Geekbench refers to the device as the LM-V700, instead of V70 ThinQ. However, V series model numbers from the V50 onwards confirm that the V700 is the V70 ThinQ.

According to Geekbench, LG has equipped the V70 ThinQ with a ‘lahaina’ motherboard, the codename for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 SoC. The CPU’s ‘ARM implementer 65 architecture 8 variant 1 part 3396 revision 0’ identifier confirms that this is the case, as does its three cluster core arrangement. Additionally, the V70 ThinQ has 8 GB of RAM and runs Android 11, all of which AI Benchmark already confirmed.

The single-core and multi-core scores are a touch on the low side for a Snapdragon 888 device though, as our database shows. The V70 ThinQ falls about 9% short of our database’s multi-core score median, and is 5% behind the lowest scoring Snapdragon 888-powered device that we have reviewed so far (Oppo Find X3 Pro). Similarly, the V70 ThinQ sits a few per cent back in the single-core benchmark.

Unfortunately for LG fans, the appearance of the V70 ThinQ on Geekbench does not necessarily suggest that the company plans to release it. LG may release the V70 ThinQ as a swansong, but it has implied that it does not plan to release any new smartphones between now and July 31, when it expects to finish winding down its smartphone business.

Thanks to Jerry for the tip!


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