NVIDIA brings Resizable BAR to all RTX 30 desktop cards via a VBIOS update; performance boost now available for 17 games


NVIDIA states that it will continue to expand Resizable BAR support via Game Ready Driver updates. You must install a VBIOS update on your RTX 30 series desktop card to enable Resizable BAR, too. NVIDIA has provided download links where possible for board-partner cards and has published a knowledge base article for its Founders Edition models. For motherboard and processor compatibility details, please see NVIDIA’s corresponding press release.

You can verify if Resizable BAR is working by heading to the NVIDIA Control Panel. Once there, bring up ‘System Information’, which will confirm if Resizable BAR is working.

According to initial benchmarks on Chiphell, Resizable BAR yields a 3% performance improvement for high-end Ampere cards like the RTX 3090. By contrast, NVIDIA claims that Resizable BAR can generate over 5.9% higher framerates in at least five games when used on the RTX 3080 at 1440p. Either way, we expect NVIDIA to refine Resizable BAR over time.

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