PS5 supply issues could persist throughout 2021, says Sony CFO

The Sony PS5 will continue to be hard to find in 2021
The Sony PS5 will continue to be hard to find in 2021 (image via Sony)

Gamers looking to get their hands on a PS5 anytime soon will be disappointed to know that the console will continue to remain scarce in 2021. Despite the supply issues, Sony is optimistic that it will move at least 14 million PS5 units this year.

At this point, it is abundantly clear that the global semiconductor shortage is here to stay. Sony’ CFO Hiroki Totoki just confirmed (via VGC) our worst fears about the PS5 during its earnings call by stating that the console will continue to face supply issues throughout 2021. Sony has other problems other than those caused by the lack of semiconductors, too.

Sony, for one, can’t be blamed for lack of trying, though. It managed to sell 7.8 million consoles since its launch. Even with reduced production capabilities, Sony can easily move more than two times that number before the year ends. It aims to sell 14 million PS5 consoles before the year ends, which shouldn’t be challenging given the massive demand.

Totoki also mentions that Sony could alleviate some of the supply troubles by ‘finding a secondary source’. This could most probably apply to other PS5 components. However, AMD also has plans to ramp up its in-house gaming graphics cards’ production. Therefore, there is a slight chance that AMD could ramp up the PS5/Xbox Series X/S APU production, too.

Even if Sony manages to sort out its manufacturing issues, the PS5 runs the risk of being outclassed by the Xbox Series X/S in the coming years. The entire PlayStation platform is predicated on exclusives, of which there have been very few so far. To make matters worse, more and more PlayStation exclusives are making their way to PC. Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda doesn’t make things any easier for Sony, either. Franchises such as Uncharted, God of War, and The Last of Us can’t prop up Sony forever.

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