Razer is working on its own N95 respirator with RGB lighting and a clear plastic faceplate

In brief: Razer is one of the many companies that chipped in to help during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic by producing masks for those that needed them most. Now, the company is doing so again, but this time with a distinctive Razer flair: meet Project Hazel, a CES concept N95 respirator with a clear plastic shell, RGB lighting, and dual filters.

Unlike Project Brooklyn, it sounds like Hazel is destined to become an actual product. Razer is already working with a team of medical experts and scientists to ensure the mask meets modern Covid-19 protection standards, and it looks like the company actually has a proper prototype on hand.

So, what’s different about Hazel? How does it stack up to other N95 respirators on the market? Aside from the Chroma RGB lighting support, Hazel’s dual filters use “Active ventilation” to filter air that’s being breathed in and out, blocking 95 percent of harmful particles — including Covid-19.