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The Mi 11 Ultra will have three rear-facing cameras, including a periscope lens. (Image source: Tech Buff PH)
The Mi 11 Ultra will have three rear-facing cameras, including a periscope lens. (Image source: Tech Buff PH)

Samsung’s ISOCELL GN2 sensor will play a part in the upcoming Mi 11 Ultra, according to a report. The sensor, which has 1.4 μm wide pixels, will be one of four cameras in the Mi 11 Ultra, if past leaks are to be believed. The Mi 11 Ultra may be able to save images in up to 100 MP, too.

According to Ice Universe, Xiaomi has a new Samsung camera sensor lined up for the Mi 11 Ultra, its much spoken about true flagship smartphone of 2021. The sensor is the GN2, which Samsung unveiled on Tuesday as one that it has ‘engineered to capture every ounce of light’. In terms of specifications, the GN2 offers a pixel size of 1.4 um and has a 50 MP effective resolution. The 1/1.12-inch sensor is, currently, the largest of its type too.

Previous leaks have demonstrated that the Mi 11 Ultra will have three rear-facing cameras, of which we suspect the ISOCELL GN2 will be a part. It is unclear if the GN2 will be the device’s primary camera, but we suspect that it will be. The GN2 has double the pixel size of the ISOCELL HM2, for example, which Xiaomi has included in the Redmi K40 Pro Plus. While 50 MP may seem rather low-resolution for a premier Xiaomi smartphone, Samsung’s announcement mentions that the ISOCELL GN2 ‘offers up to 100 MP imaging’. Hence, we suspect that Xiaomi will lean on this in its Mi 11 Ultra marketing. Samsung explains how the GN2 upscales from 50 MP to 100 MP as follows:

In 100 MP mode, the GN2 meticulously re-arranges the color pixels using an intelligent re-mosaic algorithm, creating three individual layers of 50 MP frames in green, red and blue. These frames are then up-scaled and merged to produce a single ultra-high 100 MP resolution photograph.

As for the Mi 11 Ultra’s other two rear-facing cameras, it seems that one will be an ultra-wide and the other a periscope camera. Last month’s hands-on leak suggested that the device would offer 120X zoom, although this will almost certainly be digital, not optical.

(Image source: Samsung)

Alex Alderson, 2021-02-26 (Update: 2021-02-26)

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