Show HN: TreeOS – A 16-bit bootsector Christmas tree demo


Welcome to TreeOS! This is a very simple, hacky, but working, “demo” that draws
a spinning Christmas tree and a small message while running on bare PC hardware
(no underlying operating system), using only standard VGA hardware. Merry

Screenshot of TreeOS running inside QEMU

This demo is a bootable floppy disk. it is pure 16-bit code, and uses the BIOS
to load data from the boot disk and change the video mode, before operating
directly on the VGA framebuffer. It uses a standard 320×200 256-color mode (VGA
mode 13h). This should work on any reasonable PC hardware at all, though I’ve
only tested it on a virtual machine (QEMU).

You will need nasm to assemble. If you have nasm and qemu installed, you
should be able to just make qemu on Linux. E.g., on Ubuntu:

apt install nasm qemu-system-x86

cd treeos/
make qemu

Released under GNU GPL v3+. Copyright (c) 2019 by Chris Fallin


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