Sort of surprised that they are still going


Hopes of monitors with 1440p resolutions and 240Hz refresh rates were thin on the ground at the start of 2020. However, Eve Devices declared that it would address this situation with the Spectrum, thanks to overwhelming fan feedback clamouring for these specs. The “crowd-driven” OEM’s inaugural monitor is also slated to come in 4K and QHD varieties with a 144Hz rate.

Eve Devices originally aimed to have these SKUs on their way to buyers in the fourth quarter of 2020 (4Q2020). However, this event has been postponed – and not even for the first time, either. The company had estimated that the 4K/144Hz version would be ready to ship by April 2021; however, this is now not happening.

Instead, Eve has just specified June 29, 2021 as the date on which this SKU will ship. Meanwhile, the headlining 240Hz model will not not do so until early July. The QHD/144Hz version’s fulfilment, on the other hand, has been delayed until 3Q2021.

Then again, Eve Devices has also announced it will not “invite” customers to complete their payments (having put down a deposit to secure their orders thus far) for their Spectrums until May 2021. In addition, the company’s latest blog post on this subject asserts that these fresh delays are due to adjustments made to ensure HDMI 2.1 works on the monitors.

The inclusion of this ostensibly in-demand spec apparently requires a motherboard overhaul thanks to the need for a new IC. This component is described as elusive due to the ongoing silicon crisis. Therefore, Eve fans now have about a month to decide whether this spec, along with the rest of what the Spectrum promises, is worth the newly extended wait, during which comparable new prospects might well emerge.

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