Svxlink: Advanced repeater controller and Echolink software for Linux


The SvxLink Server is a general purpose voice services system, which when
connected to a transceiver, can act as both an advanced repeater system and can
also operate on a simplex channel. One could call it a radio operating system.

SvxLink is very extensible and modular. Voice services are implemented as
modules which are isolated from each other. Modules can be implemented in
either C++ or TCL. Examples of modules are:

  • Help  — A help system

  • Parrot  — Play back everything that is received

  • EchoLink  — Connect to other EchoLink stations

  • DtmfRepeater  — Repeater received DTMF digits

  • TclVoiceMail  — Send voice mail to other local users

  • PropagationMonitor — Announce propagation warnings from

  • SelCall  — Send selective calling sequences by entering DTMF codes

  • MetarInformation  — Play airport weather information

  • Frn  — Connect to Free Radio Network (FRN) servers


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