The best iPad Pro 11-inch (2020) cases


If you’ve recently dropped a pretty penny on one of the new iPad Pros, you’ll want to protect your investment with a new case. We’ve put together a list of the best cases currently available to help protect your new tablet from drops and scratches. These six options vary across price points and protection levels, but they are all strong choices. Make sure your new piece of tech has the protection it deserves!

Harbor London iPad Pro Folio

Not everyone needs a keypad or pop-out stand for their case. Some are instead looking for a stylish way to store and protect their iPad Pro, either on its own or inside a larger case. This Harbor London case is designed for that very purpose, featuring a Spanish-made design with tanned cowhide leather. The case includes two pockets for storing other supplies (pen and paper, wallets, etc.), with a zipper that’s guaranteed not to tear or damage. It’s also spacious enough to hold an iPad Pro with a Magic Keyboard connected so you don’t have to worry about separate peripherals. The downside is that this classy case does come at a high cost.

OtterBox Symmetry 360 Series

OtterBox has long set a high standard among protective cases for smart devices across all major smartphone manufacturers. The OtterBox Symmetry 360 series for the 11-inch iPad Pro is another great case from a long line of quality offerings from the Colorado company. The Symmetry 360 series features protection around all corners and edges of the iPad Pro, and the clear plastic encasing shows off the iPad’s design while protecting its surfaces from nicks and scratches.

Like many iPad cases, the Symmetry 360 features a folio that can be folded to provide support for the tablet if you want to stand it upright. It also provides space for the Apple Pencil and a protective flap to cover it when stored. A magnetic flap closes the case up when the iPad is not in use. While this particular case may dampen the click of the iPad’s peripheral buttons, the lessened tactile feedback is well worth the protection the case offers.

Coming in straight from Apple, the OtterBox Symmetry 360 is a worthwhile investment in your $800 (at minimum) device.

Urban Armor Gear Metropolis Folio

Urban Armor Gear’s folio is specifically designed for users who carry their iPads with them throughout the day, constantly pulling them in and out of bags or using them while active. It’s made with a grippable material that can fold back into an adjustable stand, but also includes reinforced edges and framework that meet military drop-test standards — making it more likely that your iPad can survive a sudden spill to the sidewalk.

Like our first pick, this UAG case also has a built-in Apple Pencil holder that can allow the Pencil to charge while you are on the move. However, note that this durable case isn’t compatible with some of our other picks, like the Smart Keyboard Folio we’re about to mention. It’s an either-or situation.

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

The Apple Smart Keyboard Folio is the flagship case for the iPad Pro. It offers seamless performance and takes your tablet email game to a whole new level. Apple’s intention with the iPad Pro seems to have been bridging some of the gap between iPad and MacBook. With the Pro, they’ve offered consumers just a bit more professional usability, and the Smart Keyboard Folio takes you most of the way there.

The folio part of this accessory offers slight protection when closed and keeps the front and back of your iPad from getting scuffed up when in use or on surfaces. The keyboard takes its power from the iPad itself so no additional charging or cables are necessary. Its light weight makes it easy to take this attachment with you on the go, and its thin profile doesn’t add too much bulk to your iPad Pro.

This smart keyboard is the most expensive on the list, but its absolutely seamless congruence with the iPad Pro makes it an enticing addition for your Apple tablet. With the new MacBook Air starting at $999, this is a cheap way to get an Apple-powered tablet and laptop in one.

Logitech Slim Folio Pro

If having a smart keyboard folio appeals to you, but you’re not the biggest fan of Apple’s in-house option, then check out the Logitech Slim Folio Pro. That isn’t meant to imply that these two offerings are identical, because they are not — in fact, we feel the Logitech Slim Folio Pro offers significantly more protection than the Apple alternative thanks to the rubber edges that cover the corners as well as the two long sides of the iPad Pro. While this makes the case a little bulkier, it may be well worth it if you are typing with your iPad Pro on the go and worry about your tablet being damaged.

Logitech touts a scissor mechanism proprietary design for its keyboard, which is right up your alley if you love keys with good feedback. The case pairs with Bluetooth connectivity, and the keyboard design offers a row of iOS-friendly shortcut keys to make working or typing on your iPad a bit more user friendly. The backlight keys are also a useful addition that isn’t always available on such slim keypads, but is ideal for low-light working conditions. Overall the protection, design, and price make this keyboard folio from Logitech a solid choice. The 2020 version of this case also offers the ability to store and charge the Apple Pencil.

Apple Smart Folio

An oldie but a goodie. The Apple Smart Folio for iPad Pro is a $79 option for a stay-at-home case. The OG smart folio serves its primary purpose well, and that is to prevent scratches on the screen or body of your new iPad Pro. It’s a neat way to cover your iPad when not in use, and stop it from scratching when you rest your keys on top of it on the coffee table, but aside from that it offers very little protection.

Regardless, it absolutely fits the bill for an iPad that stays at home or at the office, and comes in an array of colors. Unlike the smart folios of old, the current offering does have a back cover to make sure you’re protecting the aluminum panel body of the iPad. You’ll find this option available straight from the source, or in your local Apple store.

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