The infamous 11-foot-8 bridge gets a perfect peel



The 11-foot-8 bridge (nicknamed The Can Opener) is a bridge in North Carolina famous for ruining trucks because of its low height. In 2019 they raised the height of the bridge by 8″ making it 12’4″, but apparently it wasn’t enough because it got a perfect peel last week when it cleanly removed the top of a courier truck. This was the 167th crash since the 11’8″ website started filming the bridge in 2008.

The bridge is so infamous, local rental companies warn truck renters about the bridge and let them know any damage caused by the bridge isn’t covered by insurance. Not that it matters for me, because car rental companies long ago stopped letting me buy the insurance. Why would I buy something if I’m not going to use it? Obviously if you let me buy insurance I’m returning your car banged up and possibly on fire.

Keep going for the full video. It sucks for the driver, but it’s so satisfying to watch.


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