The iPhone 12 series’ battery sizes are listed in full


Apple never releases the actual capacities of its flagship iPhone mobile devices on its own site, preferring to make claims for their longevity instead. However, a Dutch carrier claims to have found out more concrete specs for every variant of the new 12 series. According to it, none of them exceeds its predecessor in this respect.

Vodafone NL now lists the iPhone 12 series ahead of its pre-order event. It has also taken it upon itself to outline each new model in detail – battery stats included. According to this page, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro will have the same 2,775mAh battery, while the largest Pro Max variant will have one rated for 3,687mAh.

The iPhone 12 Mini, a novel base model, will have a paltry 2,227mAh battery. The Dutch network does not specify where these specs have come from, however: it is possible they are derived from some pre-launch leaks. Then again, should they prove accurate, they indicate that none of these new iPhones exceeds its 2019 counterpart in this respect.

The battery sizes as set out may also be disappointing for some consumers, especially as it may now be more clear than ever why 120Hz displays have been left out of this 2020 line. Furthermore, 5G phones to date tend towards larger batteries, possibly so as to address the demands of the new radio standard. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how eventual real-life iPhone 12s hold up in review and in real-world use.


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