The Lenovo thing really confused me. I was reading a review of a new…


The ZenBook series is arguably almost as bad. The ZenBook 13, for example, shouldn’t be confused with the ZenBook S13 or ZenBook S as these are three separate families of 13-inch ZenBook laptops. These families are further divided into SKUs starting with the UX prefix like the UX343, UX393UX333, or UX334, but trying to match these up with the correct ZenBook S13, ZenBook S, or ZenBook 13 family is not intuitive.

Then there is the ROG Zephyrus series which is Asus’ lineup of thin-and-light gaming laptops. The series has since expanded from the original 2017 Zephyrus GX501 to include the Zephyrus SZephyrus GZephyrus M, and Zephyrus Duo with GA, GM, GX, GL, and GU prefixes for SKUs.

Most other manufacturers aren’t making it any easier. The Dell XPS 13 and XPS 15, for example, have always had 9xxx model names up until last year when the OEM decided to use 7xxx model names instead. Dell would then do a complete 180 one year later, but the damage had already been done — the order from oldest XPS 13 model to newest is now 9370, 9380, 7390, and 9300 instead of what would have been the more intuitive 9370, 9380, 9390, and 9300.


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