The new Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 is on the way in 2021, according to new leaks


Lenovo’s Yoga Tabs stand out in the Android market as slates that swell into a cylinder at one end in order to offer more grip, as well as space for components such as speakers. These barrels have also incorporated form-fitting collapsing stands and even pico projectors in some models. This makes them versatile in terms of use-cases; for example, they have evolved into smart-home hubs with Google Assistant support over the years.

The OEM has not launched one since 2019; now, it seems their latest generation is on its way. According to a new alleged Google Play Console listing, it is called the Yoga Tab 13, thereby hinting at its display size. This screen will apparently be FHD+ (1350 x 2160) in resolution, and will be driven by the “Qualcomm SDM855” processor.

This number hints at the Snapdragon 855 processor; then again, a new Geekbench 5 listing that might also pertain to the Yoga Tab 13 (having its alleged model number, YT-K606F) points to the 865 (or kona) instead. Then again, it also corroborates the putative tablet’s 8GB of RAM and Android 11-based UI.

However, neither new leak can confirm whether it has the series’ distinctive barrel-stand or not, as they only offer an image of a typical tablet display shown face-on. In fact, it is possible that what these tips have uncovered is an upcoming Android version of the convertible Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i.

Regardless, it can be said that this potential new Yoga Tab would be a particularly premium example of its line, even if its chipset is the 855 rather than the newer 865. Then again, neither of the new tips hinting at its existence yield any clues as to its possible launch price as yet.

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