The Surface Pro 3 has 1 more year of official support News

The Surface Pro 3: still good for the time being. (Source: Microsoft)
The Surface Pro 3: still good for the time being. (Source: Microsoft)

Microsoft has issued a document outlining the dates on which its own-brand convertibles or laptops run out of software updates. It shows that the Surface Pro 3, despite launching in 2014, will get them until November 2021. Oddly, the Pro 4 will also see the end of its service on the same day.

Microsoft has made its firmware and driver update schedule for Surface devices public. It shows how long each individual product still has in terms of official support. Some, such as the RT ot Pro 2, have already seen this end-of-service date come and go.

Others are yet to see the next upcoming date for their obsolescence. This is November 13, 2021, on which the Surface Pro 3 to Pro 5/2017 will cease to receive updates. This means that the 3 will get a total of 7 years of support. This is slightly confusing, as its immediate successor, the 4, also ends its life cycle on the same date, as does the first-gen Surface Book.

Howver, most devices on the list get a more constant 4 years of updates. They include the Surface Pro 6 and 7; the Go 1 and 2; the Laptops 2 to 3 and the Pro X. Microsoft has stated that it has posted this information in response to feedback from customers who want to plan upgrades for their devices in accordance with the new list.

Deirdre O’Donnell, 2020-11-16 (Update: 2020-11-16)

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