This duck got a 3D printed prosthetic leg



Waddles the duck was born with a mangled left foot. The owner decided to do something about that and had a Certified Pet Prostheticist from Bionic Pets fit him with this 3D printed prosthetic.

A Duck name Waddles has a mangled left leg and his owner wants to better his quality of life by giving him a prosthetic leg.

I’m a big tough guy but I have to admit it warmed my heart to see Waddles the duck finally waddling around with his prosthetic. I know it’s just a duck, but I swear you can actually see him smiling with joy when he finally starts walking. Kind of like when my grandpa got his walker, except the duck didn’t head straight to a strip club with his new found mobility.

Keep going for the adorable clip from NatGeo Wild.


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