ViewSonic wins a 2021 iF Design Award for the ColorPro Professional Monitor

The ColorPro Professional Monitor. (Source: ViewSonic)
The ColorPro Professional Monitor. (Source: ViewSonic)

The ViewSonic ColorPro Professional Monitor is a display with its own in-built click-wheel control that doubles as a calibration sensor. This feature, along with others such as a “minimalist” build, easy-attach shade hood and inbuilt ambient light, has won it an iF Design Award for 2021.

The iF Design group confers awards in various categories, electronics included, every year on products that meet its high requirements for innovation, function and style every year. It has just announced its winners for  2021, which includes a new headset being developed by Vive – meeting with a reception at HTC that could have had a higher key, in fairness.

ViewSonic, on the other hand, seems more appreciative of the recognition for its ColorPro Professional Monitor. The Californian company asserts that it has designed the display with its most probable industrial (or extreme-enthusiast) users and use-cases in mind.

To this end, each ColorPro Professional unit comes with an innovative ColorWheel. It functions to deliver a highly accurate, sensitive and (possibly most vitally) hand-held on-screen display (OSD) control, and can also be used as the monitor’s color-sensor for calibration.

The monitor also ships with its own shade hood, which easily clips on should the user need more focus on their screen. This ColorPro flagship also features its own rear-firing ambient light to enhance prolonged or dark-room use. iF Design has praised all this in honoring the monitor with one of its 2021 gongs, reportedly choosing it from among about 10,000 similar entries in its category.

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Deirdre O’Donnell, 2021-04-24 (Update: 2021-04-24)

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