Visualizing the history of The Universe using 13,799 dominoes



Science communicator Kurtis Baute set up a 300 meter long row of dominoes to represent a timeline of history from the Big Bang to now, with each domino representing 1 million years. It’s pretty incredible that he managed to make each domino, set the whole thing up, and successfully film and narrate the whole thing himself. It’s not the kind of thing you want to do multiple takes of and the fact it worked and he did it all himself is super impressive. Also, when I say he made each domino I mean he physically made each domino. Like he bought a bunch of lumber and cut each individual piece. The only thing I’ve ever been this committed to is an asylum, and that was against my will.

Keep going for the full video, along with the behind the scenes of him making each piece and setting it up.

And here’s a video of this lunatic actually making and setting up each of the domino pieces.

(via TR_Ninja_Broccoli)


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