Warner pushes ‘Dune’ theatrical release back a year, to October 2021


Even in places where there are relatively few coronavirus cases, there aren’t many blockbuster movies for theatres to look forward to with more and more films moving to 2021. Some movies, such as Pixar’s Soul and Wonder Woman 1984, still have release dates that will see them come out in the US this year, but chances are they’ll likewise be delayed into next year. As The Warp points out, Dune’s delay could also affect the release of The Batman. As things stand at the moment, Warner plans to release the Robert Pattison movie on the same day as Dune.     

Warner also has a good reason to delay Dune after its experience with Tenet. While Christopher Nolan’s latest movie has earned more than $300 million in global ticket sales, it has fared poorly in the domestic US box office. Understandably, with no signs of the pandemic getting any better in the US, most people weren’t comfortable with returning to their local theater.  

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