Why people might never use autonomous cars


Automated driving is advancing all the time, but there’s still a critical missing ingredient: trust. Host Jennifer Strong meets engineers building a new language of communication between automated vehicles and their human occupants, a crucial missing piece in the push toward a driverless future.

We meet: 

  • Dr. Richard Corey and Dr. Nicholas Giudice, founders of the VEMI Lab at the University of Maine
  • Ryan Powell, UX Design & Research at Waymo.
  • Rashed Haq, VP of Robotics at Cruise

Credits: This episode was reported and produced by Jennifer Strong,Tanya Basu, Emma Cillekens and Tate Ryan-Mosley. We had help from Karen Hao and Benji Rosen. We’re edited by Michael Reilly and Gideon Lichfield.


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