Young Star Wars fan sends Baby Yoda doll to firefighters to keep them company


Baby Yoda joins firefighters on their battle against the blaze.

Tyler Eubanks/Facebook

U.S. firefighters bravely battling West Coast fires now have the Force on their side. A 5-year-old Oregon boy and his grandmother donated a Baby Yoda doll to cheer up firefighters on Sept. 12.

Baby Yoda — also called The Child — is a character from the popular Star Wars Disney Plus original series The Mandalorian

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When 5-year-old Carver Healey discovered that fires were destroying forests in his home state of Oregon, the young boy decided to do something special for the firefighters helping to stop the blaze. Carver told his grandmother Sasha Tinning he wanted to send a care package to firefighters that included groceries and a brand new Baby Yoda doll.  

Carver also attached a note with the doll that said, “Here is a friend for you in case you get lonely.” 

The Baby Yoda doll and note were first given to a friend of Carver’s family, Tyler Eubanks, who had started organizing a supply drive for crews on the front lines on various wildfires.

The firefighters that received Carver’s thoughtful gift now bring Baby Yoda with them on their fire emergency calls, and also document his travels in a Facebook group started by Eubanks — that currently has almost 30,000 followers — so that Carver and other Star Wars fans can see the Baby Yoda doll’s latest adventures. 


Firefighters fighting West Coast fires pose with the donated Baby Yoda. 

Tyler Eubanks/Facebook

On Sept. 15, photos were posted on the Facebook group of firefighters who had received both the note and the doll happily posing with Baby Yoda. 

Baby Yoda has kept firefighters company at different fires in Oregon as well as in Colorado — including firefighters battling the 125,000-acre Cameron Peak Fire, according to Fox KTVU.

“These firefighters are putting their lives on the line,” Carver’s grandmother Sasha Tinning told CNN on Tuesday. “To have a little bit of sunshine during such a dark time, I think that’s really special for them. He (Baby Yoda) is also cute as the dickens. These firefighters are away from their children, their loved ones. This is a little pal that brings a bit of normalcy to a crazy time.”


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